Wavelength Fishing Charters

Fishing trips available April 1st through November 1st.

Cod and Haddock Trips:
We Start off the season with cod fishing. This will last until the waters warm up. Offshore trips in the early spring are very productive. Ground fish trips are available all season long. Beginning in April, we target cod and haddock, but we also catch wolf fish, Pollock, and cusk. These all make for great table fare at the end of the day.

School Tuna:

The last few years have produced a large amount of school tuna in our area. They arrive in late June, and we fish for them through September.
These tuna range in size from 30 – 200 lbs. They are very good for eating.
The regulations are constantly changing, as far a sizes and the number of fish that we are able to keep per trip, so please call 508-746-6749 for up to date information. Don’t miss out on this exciting new fishery in New England.

Striped Bass:
In recent years we have seen an increase in the numbers and size of stripers. They arrive in late May and last throughout the season. The best fishing for these tasty fish is in June and July
These fish arrive in late June and stay until September. This is a very exciting fishing. Blue fish are fantastic fighters with plenty of action for all!


Big game trips begin in July and last throughout the season. Wavelength sportfishing has plenty of big game tackle for those who want to wrestle with giants.

Combination trips:

(10 hour trips only) These charters combine tuna and cod, or tuna and bass. These include a variety of fishing techniques, and can be very fun and productive.


Always be sure to bring along a camera, sunscreen, appropriate clothing with layers, and waterproof shoes for cold weather trips.